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Napoli 1-1 Barcelona

Napoli and Barcelona share spoils in Champions League thriller

2024/02/21 22:32

Victor Osimhen's goal cancelled out Robert Lewandowski's opener as Napoli and Barcelona played to a 1-1 draw in the first leg of their last-16 Champions League encounter in Naples.

The visitors started brightly, with 16-year-old Lamine Yamal, who became the youngest player to play in the Champions League knockout stage, being the most energetic.

Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret had to make crucial saves from Yamal and Lewandowski, and a well-reacted palm to deny Ilkay Gundogan's long-range effort.

Struggling in the first half, the hosts failed to register a single attempt. However, they quickly changed their fortune in the second period, with Matteo Politano heading wide within the first minute.

Meret continued his impressive performance, saving another Gundogan attempt in the 49th minute. 

Despite Barcelona's dominance, the breakthrough came in the 60th minute when Lewandowski capitalised on a clever pass from Pedri, finishing emphatically into the bottom corner.

However, the Italian champions levelled the scores in the 75th minute. Victor Osimhen came to life, turning Inigo Martinez inside the Barcelona box before firing past goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

The momentum shifted, putting Barcelona on the defensive, with Napoli eager for a second goal. However, the game ended in a draw, setting the stage for the second leg in Barcelona on March 12th.



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2024-02-22 00h36m by sjacksons_9_2_1
As a football fan, I am disappointed with the 1-1 draw between Napoli and Barcelona. It's frustrating to see our team struggle in the first half and not register a single attempt. However, I am optimistic about our fortune changing in the second half, as shown by Matteo Politano's early attempt. Alex Meret's crucial saves have also given me hope for a potential victory. Let's keep pushing,
2024-02-22 00h17m by dnelsons
As a fan of Napoli, I have to say that Osimhen's goal was a well-deserved equalizer against Barcelona. Meret's saves were crucial in keeping us in the game. Hopefully we can come out strong in the second leg and secure a spot in the quarter-finals!
2024-02-21 23h53m by awalkerson7
As a die-hard fan of Napoli, I am disappointed with the result of the first leg against Barcelona. Osimhen's goal was a glimmer of hope, but it was not enough to secure a win. Meret's saves were crucial, but we need to improve our attack if we want to advance in the Champions League.
2024-02-21 23h21m by a_12_shawcross
Wow, what a match! Osimhen's goal was a great response to Lewandowski's opener. Napoli really showed their strength in the second half and Meret was on fire with those saves. Can't wait for the second leg!
2024-02-21 23h05m by jwhiteheadbarnes
As a football fan, I have to say that it was a nail-biting game. Osimhen's goal was a much-needed relief after Lewandowski's opener. But let's not forget Meret's crucial saves, especially against young Yamal. It was a tough game for Napoli, but they managed to turn things around in the second half. Can't wait for the second leg! Forza Napoli
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