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Forest drop into relegation zone

OFFICIAL | Nottingham Forest receive four-point deduction

2024/03/18 15:17

The Premier League have docked Nottingham Forest four points for breaching profit and sustainability rules (PSR).

An official announcement from the Premier League has confirmed the points deduction and Forest have admitted the breach, although they are now likely to appeal the decision.

Forest's defence is centered around the sale of academy player Brennan Johnson. The East Midlands club had the opportunity to sell him to Brentford before last summer's PSR deadline in June but opted to wait, hoping for a higher fee afterward.

Despite selling the Wales winger to Tottenham on deadline day for £47.5 million, an independent panel rejected Forest's defence. 

Forest also argued that their financial losses were a result of necessary investments in the playing squad to avoid relegation.

As a consequence of the deduction, Forest will drop from 17th place to 18th - into the relegation zone - with 21 points: Luton Town leapfrogging Nuno Espirito Santos' side to rise out of the bottom three.


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2024-03-18 17h43m by banderson1976
As a football fan, this is a tough blow for Forest. Selling Johnson for a higher fee would have been beneficial, but hindsight is 20/20. The PSR rules are strict, but it's understandable that Forest would invest in their squad to avoid relegation. Hoping for a successful appeal for the sake of the team's future.
2024-03-18 17h07m by lhalliday_bart
As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear about Nottingham Forest's points deduction. It's a blow for the club and their supporters.
2024-03-18 16h42m by sparkerfield
As a football fan, I am disappointed that Nottingham Forest have been docked four points for breaching profit and sustainability rules. It's frustrating to see our club being punished for trying to make a profit from academy players. Hopefully, the appeal will be successful.
2024-03-18 16h13m by jreedmanbrst
As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear about Nottingham Forest's points deduction for breaching profit and sustainability rules. It's frustrating that they could have avoided this by selling academy player Brennan Johnson to Brentford earlier. However, I understand their argument about necessary investments in the playing squad.
2024-03-18 15h33m by hturnerford
As a football fan, I'm disappointed by Nottingham Forest's decision to breach profit and sustainability rules. It's a shame that they have been docked four points, but rules are rules and they must be followed. However, I can understand their argument about selling Brennan Johnson and needing to invest in the squad. Let's hope they can bounce back from this setback.
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