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      Eagles will go up if Sunderland drop points...

      Palace with a chance of promotion to the WSL this weekend

      2024/04/18 18:10

      Crystal Palace could clinch promotion to the WSL for the first time ever this weekend should results go their way in the Championship.

      The Eagles need to win away to Lewes and hope that second-place Sunderland drop points to third-placed Charlton Athletic.

      As it stands, Palace are on 42 points after 20 games ahead of the Black Cats on 40 and Charlton, still with a faint chance, on 39.

      Laura Kaminski's team have been a joy to watch this season with goals galore. Palace have the best goal difference with +33, way ahead of Sunderland on +14. By comparison, the London team scored 53 league goals in total with fourth-placed Southampton the closest on 36.

      Elise Hughes has been a big part of that with the Welsh striker scoring 16 times in the league this season and 20 in 25 games in all competitions this season.

      As you would expect, Palace will be heavy favourites against Lewes having won 3-2 at home when the two sides met in the league back in November.

      However, Lewes have plenty of motivation with the club fighting to avoid relegation while three points behind Reading in the safety zone.

      The Rooks will be fighting for survival and will be hoping to give their manager Scott Booth a high to go out on should they stay up with the former Borussia Dortmund player announcing that he will leave the club at the end of the season.

      Perhaps the most interesting outcome of the weekend will be if Sunderland can keep the title race alive until the final weekend of the season when the two sides will go head-to-head at Selhurst Park.

      Of course, Palace fans would be more than happy if that game was a promotion party from the very beginning. 


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      2024-04-18 19h30m by jgibsonson
      As a Crystal Palace fan, I am beyond disappointed that we may not have the chance to clinch promotion to the WSL this weekend. We have been dominant all season and our goal difference speaks for itself. But it all comes down to this one game and hoping that results go our way. Let's go Palace, we can do this!
      2024-04-18 19h13m by mfosterfield
      Wow, what a season it has been for Palace! I am so proud of the team and their amazing performance. I can't wait to see them clinch promotion to the WSL this weekend. The anticipation is killing me! Come on, Eagles!
      2024-04-18 18h55m by awalkerson7
      As a Crystal Palace fan, I am ecstatic at the thought of finally achieving promotion to the WSL! This weekend could be the moment we've been waiting for, but we can't get too ahead of ourselves. We need to focus on winning against Lewes and hope for a slip-up from Sunderland. Our team has been incredible this season, with an impressive goal difference and the talented Elise Hughes leading the charge. Let's keep our fingers crossed and continue supporting the Eagles!
      2024-04-18 18h49m by lhalliday_bart
      Wow, what a season for Palace! Excitement levels are through the roof as we could potentially clinch promotion to the WSL for the first time ever this weekend!
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