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Mansfield's key man at the back

Playmaker's EFL 72: #37 Aden Flint

2024/04/23 14:53

Playmaker's countdown of the EFL's best players this season marches resolutely on as we enter the thirties where things really begin hotting up.

It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify - our '72' is less a roll call of the best footballers in the EFL and more a tribute to those players who have enjoyed the most memorable seasons while racking up the most impressive stats.

Whatever the criteria, we're confident in our selections of the most outstanding players through the Championship, League One, and League Two and welcome any debate on the subject!

Next up we have a tall centre-back who has helped his team earn promotion to League One this year...

Number 37: Aden Flint (Mansfield Town)

After gaining promotion from League One via the playoffs with Sheffield Wednesday, Aden Flint was one of the marquee signings in League Two as Mansfield Town pulled off the coup of his signing and he has been key in another promotion-winning campaign.

The 6'6" centre-back joined the Stags on a free transfer last summer. His experience and know how in both boxes has been essential in Nigel Clough’s side getting automatic promotion to League One.

For an attack minded and front foot Mansfield side, Aden Flint has made 3.9 clearances per game, which is more than any other player in the Mansfield squad. At exactly one per game on average, too, Flint has managed the most blocks for Mansfield this season.

Flint is perhaps a member of the ‘old school’ in terms of the way in which a team chooses to play, even despite the fact Mansfield have been an attacking side in League Two this season.

For example, only defensive midfielder Louis Reed as played more long balls than the former Cardiff City and Bristol City defender so far this season.

At the age of 34, only goalkeeper Christy Pym has managed more minutes than Flint for Mansfield so far this season and will be expected to remain a key man for them in the third-tier next season.

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Aden Flint
NameAden Flint
Born/Age1989-07-11(34 -yrs-old)
PositionDefender (Centre Back)



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2024-04-23 17h00m by omitchellsonjones
Great read! As a football fan, I have to say that this countdown has been spot on so far. Can't wait to see who's next!
2024-04-23 16h37m by eyoungs8
Faith tone definitely deserves a spot on this list! His amazing performances as a centre-back have been vital in securing promotion for his team. Well done, mate!
2024-04-23 16h15m by ocollinsworth
As a football fan, I have to say, this list is getting more exciting as we enter the thirties! It's not easy to choose, but I appreciate that this countdown is more about memorable seasons and stats. Congrats to all the players selected, including this tall centre-back who helped his team get promoted to League One!
2024-04-23 15h44m by eedwards
As a football fan, I have to say, the satisfaction tone is high while reading this article. It's always exciting to see talented players being recognized and praised for their hard work and success on the pitch. Plus, the anticipation of who will be named the best player in each league is thrilling! Can't wait to see who made the cut in the thirties.
2024-04-23 15h20m by nlawson12
As a football fan, I have to say I'm loving this Playmaker's countdown of the EFL's best players. The Gratitude tone towards these players is spot on, and it's clear they've put in some amazing performances this season. Excited to see who's next in the top 30!
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