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      Posh 'quarter-back' has sparkled in League One

      Playmaker's EFL 72: #48 Archie Collins

      2024/04/13 20:59

      The 2024 iteration of the 'Playmaker 72' is flying along and we're already into the 'Top 50' players we think have had the best seasons throughout the EFL.

      It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify - our '72' is less a roll call of the best footballers in the EFL and more a tribute to those players who have enjoyed the most memorable seasons while racking up the most impressive stats.

      Whatever the criteria, we're confident in our selections of the most outstanding players through the Championship, League One, and League Two and welcome any debate on the subject!

      At 48, we have an all-round League One midfielder who has already picked up silverware this season...

      Number 48: Archie Collins (Peterborough United)

      One of a number of Exeter City academy graduates that left Devon for pastures new last summer, Archie Collins joined an exciting Peterborough side he felt were the "right club" to further his career - and so far, so good for one of League One's most complete midfielders.

      After regularly clocking up over 40 games a season for the Grecians, Collins has settled in wonderfully at the Weston Homes Stadium and the 24-year-old has topped his previous appearance record across all competitions by already playing 52 games this term - Posh's recent EFL Trophy success a big factor in that. 

      In terms of headline-making numbers, Collins has dabbled in direct goal involvements with two goals and two assists, but his considerable influence is more evident in a raft of other statistics. 

      With 59%, Posh have the best average possession stats in League One this season and Collins has been absolutely key to their control in games - the dynamic midfielder completing 3481 successful passes and recording an impressive pass success rate of 88% (the 6th best in League One). 

      Throw in 48 interceptions (18th in L1) and the picture emerges of a fantastic defensive screen with excellent distribution. Ally those qualities together and what do you have? A modern-day football 'quarter-back', according to Peterborough chairman Darragh McAnthony. 

      "Archie Collins is the Tom Brady of our side,” MacAnthony stated on his 'Hard Truth' podcast back in March. 

      “How is he still in League One? The way he plays, Premier League clubs should be looking at him. Ronnie Edwards is a quarter-back for us, but Collins is the main quarter-back. He’s comfortably one of the best central midfielders in League One."

      Playmaker's EFL 72...the countdown

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      54: Andy Cook 55: Connor Shaughnessy 56: Jannik Vestergaard

      57: Willy Gnonto 58: Ellis Simms 59: Charlie Hughes 60: Fatawu Isshaku

      61: Sam Hoskins 62: Paul Mullin 63: Chris Martin 64: Omari Hutchinson

      65: Isaac Hutchinson 66: Sam Tickle 67: Ben Hinchcliffe 68: Michał Helik

      69: Lewis Wing 70: Rob Apter 71: Kyle Walker-Peters 72: Alex Palmer


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      2024-04-13 21h19m by ocollinsworth
      Wow, what a list! Loving the coverage of EFL players on Twitter. It's tough to choose just one, but
      2024-04-13 21h06m by hturnerford
      As a football fan, I have to say that Zeal tone has been killing it this season! A true all-round midfielder, he's been an integral part of his team's success, even picking up silverware. Congrats to him on making it into the Top 50!


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