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        Playmaker's EFL 72: #61-#51

        #56: Jannik Vestergaard (Leicester)

        2024/04/10 19:20
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        Not too long ago Jannik Vestergaard's future at Leicester City looked uncertain with the defender's critical comments on then-manager Brendan Rodgers ending in the player's exile.

        However, the Dane has been back to his best under Enzo Maresca in the Championship this season and has now become an important part of the Foxes' side.

        Perhaps the most striking stat, and the one that sums up Leicester under Maresca and Vestergaard's role in the team, is that the 31-year-old has had more touches (4063 to be exact) than anyone else in the Championship so far this season.

        The centre-back has the freedom to bring the ball forward, having the second-highest carry distance in the league behind only Jan Bednarek, and his passing forward where he ranks second again with only Viktor Johansson ahead of him.

        As you would expect from an experienced international, Vestergaard gets the basics right with the second-highest number of aerial duals won in the Championship (75.2%) and the sixth-highest pass completion percentage (92.2%).

        But of course, those are just numbers, it's also worth seeing him in action. Vestergaard was a key part of Leicester's recent 2-1 victory at home to Birmingham City.

        It was a close game with Vestergaard having one of his side's best chances from a bicycle kick – the kind of goal that might have seen him sneak up a few places in our rankings. 

        But he was eventually a key part of the winning goal when he brought the ball forward to start the attack and then drew two defenders towards him as he attacked the following cross allowing Stephy Mavididi to have freedom to finish at the back post.

        It really has been a remarkable turnaround from a player who was ostracised from the club last year. 


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        2024-04-10 20h04m by lhalliday_bart
        As a football fan, I am so excited for the next batch of standouts in the 'Playmaker 72'! It's always a tough decision to rank players from different divisions, but I can't wait to see who makes the cut.
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