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        Playmaker's EFL 72: #72-#62

        #62: Paul Mullin (Wrexham)

        2024/04/04 14:50
        © Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

        The next player on the list plays in League Two, but is probably one of the most famous players in the EFL... the one and only Paul Mullin.

        When Wrexham returned to the EFL last season, it seemed inevitable that Mullin would make 'Playmaker's 72' on his return to the division in which he won the Player of the Season award back in 2020/21. 

        A punctured lung deflated Mullin's hopes of starting the season with a bang, but he has since found his rhythm as the Red Dragons target automatic promotion to League One.

        Prolific and hard-owrking, there is no doubt that Mullin is one of the best players in the fourth tier and with 18 goals in 33 games so far this term in League Two, Wrexham's number 10 has been instrumental for Phil Parkinson's side. 

        Despite playing fewer matches than many of his strike rivals, Mullin ranks fourth in the league for shots on target (45), with 50% of his shots making the goalkeeper work. 

        Moreover, his contributions extend far beyond scoring goals. Mullin's defensive efforts often go unnoticed, but his tireless work rate for the Welsh side has been immense - the striker setting the tone from the front. 


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        2024-04-04 15h03m by jreedmanbrst
        As a football fan, I can't wait for the end of the 2023/24 Championship, League One and League Two campaigns! The promotion and relegation battles are making it so exciting to watch. Can't wait to see who will be the heroes and villains in the remaining games. @Playmaker, love your annual countdown of the EFL's best performers, even though it's always controversial. Just remember, it's all about the stats, not just the players' skills
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