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      To be voted at the league’s annual meeting in June

      Premier League clubs agree to introduce spending cap

      2024/04/29 16:07

      Premier League clubs have agreed to implement a spending cap.

      This decision emerged from discussions during a Premier League shareholders' meeting held at The Churchill hotel in London on Monday. 

      The proposal is now poised for voting at the league's annual general meeting scheduled for June.

      If the proposal receives approval at the June AGM, it will replace the existing Profit and Sustainability Regulations starting from the 2025-26 season.

      During the recent voting process, three clubs opposed the proposals while 16 were in favour, with one club choosing to abstain. 

      Manchester United, Manchester City, and Aston Villa voted against the new measures, while Chelsea refrained from voting.

      Under the proposed change, clubs will be restricted to spending between 4.5 and five times the TV revenue of the lowest-paid club.


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      2024-04-29 16h37m by ocollinsworth
      Finally, the Premier League is starting to take financial responsibility. This spending cap will help level the playing field and promote fair competition among clubs. Hopefully, this will lead to a more exciting and unpredictable league.
      2024-04-29 16h19m by mfosterfield
      Wow, this is a game-changing decision! It's about time the Premier League puts a limit on spending. This will hopefully lead to a more level playing field and prevent clubs from constantly splashing out crazy amounts of money. Let's see if this actually gets approved in June and how it will affect the league in the future.
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