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        Financial issues once again hurting the club...

        Reading hit with further three-point deduction

        2023/09/13 17:28

        Reading have been given their second points deduction of the season after being docked three more points by the EFL.

        In a statement on the club’s website, Reading FC outlined the reason for the latest deduction which was “a result of owner Mr Dai failing to deposit an amount equating to 125% of the club's monthly wage bill into a designated account by the deadline of Tuesday 12 September 2023, as ordered by the Independent Disciplinary Commission in its decision of 15 August 2023.”

        Reading were already deducted a point for failing to pay players on time last season and this new immediate three-point deduction gives them a total of four points deducted. As a result, the Royals are now in the relegation zone with two wins from the first six games but just two points.

        According to the club, owner Dai Yongge is “currently undertaking an ongoing process of seeking sources of stable external investment” to help keep the club afloat. 

        Comments (5)
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        2023-09-13 18h50m by mfosterfield
        Disgraceful. How are Reading supposed to stay up with a 4-point deduction The owner needs to step up and invest or this could end very badly for the club.
        2023-09-13 18h31m by edavidson
        It's a disgrace that Reading have been docked three points. Mr Dai's mismanagement of the club has been nothing short of astounding and Reading fans deserve much better.
        2023-09-13 18h22m by hturnerford
        Unbelievable. It's clear Reading FC are being punished unfairly due to their owner's financial mismanagement. It's wrong that the players and staff have to suffer the consequences.
        2023-09-13 17h55m by sjacksons_9_2_1
        No optimism here. Reading FC have been dealt a double blow with 2 points deductions this season. Dai Yongge needs to work fast to provide external investment or Reading FC may suffer relegation.
        2023-09-13 17h47m by omitchellsonjones
        My opinion: So disappointing. Our owner continues to make bad decisions that hurt our beloved team.
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