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      With a further two points suspended

      Reading hit with two-point deduction

      2024/02/27 13:58

      Reading have had an additional two-point deduction, marking their second deduction this season, as imposed by the EFL.

      The Royals faced this latest deduction due to their failure to pay dues to HMRC within the 80-day limit set by the EFL and also had a two-point penalty suspended.

      Previously, the club had already suffered a four-point deduction for their inability to pay wages on multiple occasions in the previous year. 

      This latest setback places Ruben Selles' men just three points above the relegation zone with 11 matches left in the season.

      Under the ownership of Dai Yongge, Reading has now endured a cumulative loss of 18 points, considering the 12-point deductions across the past two seasons.


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      2024-02-27 15h11m by jgibsonson
      Unfortunate to see Reading facing another points deduction. It's been a tough season for the club and this just adds to the disappointment. Hopefully they can turn things around and avoid relegation.
      2024-02-27 14h36m by gkingsley
      As a football fan, this is just heartbreaking to see. Reading has been hit with yet another points deduction, making it two for the season. How can they not pay their dues to HMRC on time And let's not forget the previous four-point deduction for unpaid wages. This is not the kind of progress we hoped for under Dai Yongge's ownership. With just 11 matches left, the Royals are dangerously close to relegation.
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