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      Ex-Liverpool stopper leaves Villarreal

      Reina: ''I want to write last chapter''

      2024/06/04 12:23

      Former Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina has spoken of his desire to "write the last chapter" in his career following his departure from Villarreal.

      The 41-year-old Spaniard rejoined the La Liga side back in 2022 and notably reached the milestone of 1,000 competitive games in his career last season. 

      Part of Spain's World Cup winning squad back in 2010, Reina has enjoyed spells at a long list of clubs across Europe including  Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Napoli and AC Milan, and also completed a loan at Aston Villa in 2019-2020.

      "It's not easy to say goodbye to what has been, is and will always be my home," said Reina, whose first stint with the Yellow Submarine spanned from 2002 to 2005.

      "Now I need to find the place that will help me write the last chapter, feeling very prepared and motivated to do so."

      Pepe Reina
      NameJos Manuel Reina P醗z
      Born/Age1982-08-31(41 -yrs-old)


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      2024-06-04 13h50m by edavidson
      As a football fan, it's bittersweet to see Pepe Reina leave Villarreal but I have no doubt he will find a new home to write the last chapter of his fantastic career. Excited to see where he ends up next!
      2024-06-04 13h13m by lhalliday_bart
      I've always admired Reina's dedication and skill on the field. It's bittersweet to see him leave Villarreal, but I have no doubt he'll find a great opportunity to finish his career on a high note.
      2024-06-04 13h06m by eedwards
      As a football fan, I'm sad to see Pepe Reina leave Villarreal, but I understand his desire to move on and write the last chapter in his career. He's had an incredible journey playing for top clubs like Barcelona and Bayern Munich, and representing Spain in the World Cup. Wishing him all the best in finding a new home and continuing his legacy.
      2024-06-04 12h57m by eyoungs8
      As a football fan, it's great to see Pepe Reina's desire to continue playing and write the last chapter of his career. He has had an impressive career, playing for top clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Napoli, and also representing his country in the 2010 World Cup winning squad. It's always difficult to say goodbye, but I am excited to see where Reina will end up next and I have no doubt he will give his all and make the most of
      2024-06-04 12h51m by awalkerson7
      As a football fan, I have always been a huge admirer of Pepe Reina. The way he has dedicated his career to playing for top clubs like Liverpool, Villarreal, and Barcelona is truly commendable. It's amazing to see him reach the milestone of 1, 000 games and still have the desire to continue playing. I can't wait to see where he will write the last chapter of his career and I have no doubt that he will do it with the same passion
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