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Spurs forward in line for 50th Brazil cap

Richarlison says psychological help 'saved his life'

2024/03/20 15:11

Tottenham and Brazil forward Richarlison believes psychological help he received "saved his life" and has urged others to seek support regarding mental health issues. 

The 26-year-old has stated that he was at "rock bottom" but was able to "turn things around" after attending therapy. 

Richarlison, who could earn his 50th Brazil cap in forthcoming friendlies against England and Spain, has netted nine goals in his past 13 Spurs games and has found his form after initially struggling for goals after joining Spurs from Everton in 2022. 

"As a player who has an active voice, I tell people to seek help," he said.

"We know how prejudiced people are when they say they're looking for [psychological] help. Thank god I'm not prejudiced about it any more.

"I talk about it because it saved my life. I was at rock bottom. Only players know how much pressure we're under, not only on the pitch but also off it."

Richarlison had previously said he was going to seek psychological help last September when he left the pitch in tears after being substituted in Brazil's 5-1 World Cup qualifying win over Bolivia.

The former Fluminense and Watford player said his reaction related to "getting the things that were happening off the pitch out of my system".

Now fully recovered from a persistent groin injury, Richarlison's upsurge in form has resulted in a recall to the Brazil squad. 

"I'm back in the Premier League, helping my club," he added.

"A few months ago, when I didn't get a call-up to the national team and said I will return, I worked hard during those days. I'm happy, and I've managed to turn things around."


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2024-03-20 15h38m by l_10_brownfield
We have to deal with the media, fans, and our own high expectations. It can be overwhelming and lead to mental health issues.

It's great to see Richarlison speaking up about mental health and the importance of seeking help. Mental health is often overlooked in sports and it's refreshing to see a player openly discuss their struggles and encourage others to do the same. It's important for athletes to take care of their mental health, just as they do with their physical health. As fans, we
2024-03-20 15h23m by nlawson12
I was struggling with my mental health and I didn&


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