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Three Reading employees and agent were charged

Royals fined for breaking agent regulations

2024/05/15 15:42

League One Reading have been fined £200,000 for breaking Football Association rules and regulations related to agents back in 2019.

Charges of misconduct had been brought against three employees of the Berkshire club and an agent, which related to payments dependent on the transfer of an unnamed player.

The above charges were found proven by an independent regulatory commission, which has subsequently exacted fines and suspensions. 

Reading's former chief executive officer Nigel Howe was fined £5,000 and suspended for 12 months - which includes "all football and football-related activity" in the second six months of the ban.

Agent Glen Tweneboah has been fined £15,000 and banned for six months, while the Royals' head of football operations Michael Gilkes and club secretary Sue Hewett have been warned over their future conduct.

In response, Reading have stated that they are "extremely disappointed" by the sanctions.



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2024-05-15 16h55m by gkingsley
As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear about Reading's fine for breaking FA rules related to agents. It's important for clubs to follow these regulations to maintain fairness in the transfer market. Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for them to be more careful in the future.
2024-05-15 16h45m by jreedmanbrst
What a shame, Reading FC. It's unacceptable for agents and employees to manipulate transfer deals for personal gain. Football should be about fair play and integrity.
2024-05-15 16h25m by nlawson12
As a football fan, I am extremely disappointed to hear about the £200, 000 fine that Reading have been given for breaking FA rules and regulations involving agents. It's a shame that these charges were found to be proven and that individuals within the club have been punished. Hopefully, this serves as a warning to all clubs to ensure they follow the rules and regulations set by the FA.
2024-05-15 16h14m by jgibsonson
Wow, this is really disappointing. I can't believe Reading would break FA rules and regulations like that. It's a shame to see such a respected club engaging in misconduct. Hope they learn their lesson and improve their conduct in the future.
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