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PL Blades punished by the EFL

Sheffield United handed suspended points penalty

2024/04/11 17:28

The English Football League (EFL) have confirmed that Sheffield United will begin their next EFL campaign with a suspended two-point deduction after the Blades defaulted on a number of payments to other clubs. 

The South Yorkshire outfit are rock-bottom in the Premier League table and will begin this weekend’s round of fixtures sitting nine points adrift of safety with just six games to go.

With relegation simply just an inevitability and the club waiting for it to be mathematically confirmed, United could begin the Championship campaign of 2024/24 on minus two points.

The club has also agreed to pay the EFL’s legal costs of £310,455 after it was revealed that the defaults were cumulatively in excess of 550 days.

It is believed that United paid late for at least five members of the squad that helped them gain automatic promotion to the top-flight last season.

Chris Wilder’s Blades, who have shown some signs of improvement of late, will face Brentford at the Gtech Community Stadium on Saturday afternoon.


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2024-04-11 18h26m by mfosterfield
As a football fan, this is disappointing to hear. Sheffield United's mismanagement has not only resulted in their inevitable relegation, but also a suspended two-point deduction for the start of their next EFL campaign. They should have been more responsible with their payments, especially to those who helped them achieve promotion.
2024-04-11 17h48m by omitchellsonjones
As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear that Sheffield United have been deducted two points for failing to make payments to other clubs. It is not a good look for the club and shows a lack of responsibility and professionalism. With relegation already looming, this news just adds salt to the wound for fans. Let's hope the club can learn from their mistakes and move forward in a positive direction.
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