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Three Lions manager aiming to win in Germany

Southgate: Euro 2024 could be ''last chance''

2024/06/11 13:52

England manager Gareth Southgate has stated that the forthcoming Euros may represent his "last chance" to win a major international trophy with the Three Lions. 

The 53-year-old former Middlesbrough boss has been in charge of England's national team since since 2016 and after leading the Three Lions to the last four of the 2018 World Cup in his first tournament he guided them to the final of Euro 2020 final - where they lost to Italy - and the last eight of the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals in Qatar.

Although his contract is due to expire this December, the Football Association are keen for Southgate to remain in charge of England for the next World Cup in 2026 in USA, Canada and Mexico.

According to Southgate, however, failing to lead the Three Lions to victory this summer in Germany could spell the end of his reign. 

"If we don't win, I probably won't be here anymore. Then it might be the last chance," Southgate told German newspaper Bild. 

"If we want to be a big team and I want to be a top coach, then you have to deliver in the big moments."

'People will lose faith...'

England begin their Euro campaign this Sunday with a clash against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen prior to fixtures against Denmark and Slovenia. Elaborating on his future, Southgate outlined that the end of a major tournament is often a natural fork in the road for many international managers. 

"I think about half of the national coaches leave after a tournament - that's the nature of international football," said Southgate, who has been linked to Manchester United if they sack Erik ten Hag.

“I've been here for almost eight years now and we've come close. So I know that you can't keep standing in front of the public and saying 'please do a little more', because at some point people will lose faith in your message."

Gareth Southgate
NameGareth Southgate
Born/Age1970-09-03(53 -yrs-old)
Job RoleManager



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2024-06-11 14h46m by eedwards
2024-06-11 14h31m by l_10_brownfield
But I&
2024-06-11 14h25m by hturnerford
This could be my last chance to bring a major trophy back to England. As a football fan, I am determined to make it happen.

As a football fan, I'm disappointed to hear this may be Southgate's last chance to bring home a major trophy. He's done a great job as manager and I believe he deserves another chance even if we don't win this year. Let's support him and the team and hope for the best!
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