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Defender on loan from Juventus...

Spurs confident of keeping Amanda Nildén

2024/03/14 18:02

Tottenham Hotspur boss Robert Vilahamn is confident his team can keep hold of defender Amanda Nildén.

The Swedish international joined Spurs on loan from Juventus during the winter transfer window and has since featured eight times for the North London club.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham's game against Leicester City this weekend, Vilahamn praised the player: “I love working with Amanda because she’s very good on the ball and very skilful in many scenarios. She’s still young and there’s more potential in her."

Vilahamn also admitted there was a plan for keeping the 25-year-old at the club past the end of the current campaign.

“We didn’t go for loan players in the winter transfer window without having a smart plan of how we can execute that. I am quite sure that she is going to stay for next season.”

Amanda Nildén
NameElsa Amanda Nildén
Born/Age1998-08-07(25 -yrs-old)
PositionDefender (Centre Back) / Defender (Left Back)



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2024-03-14 20h34m by l_10_brownfield
As a Spurs fan, I am thrilled to hear that Amanda Nildén will likely be staying with us next season. She has shown great potential and skill on the ball. Excited to see her grow and develop under Vilahamn's guidance.
2024-03-14 20h25m by banderson1976
As a Spurs fan, I am thrilled to hear that Robert Vilahamn is confident that Amanda Nildén will stay with us for next season. She has been a valuable addition to our team and I am excited to see her potential continue to grow.
2024-03-14 19h50m by jgibsonson
As a football fan, I'm disappointed to hear that Nildén may only be staying with Spurs for one season on loan. She's been a great addition to the team and it would be a shame to see her go. I hope Vilahamn's plan works out and she stays for longer.
2024-03-14 19h19m by omitchellsonjones
As a football fan, I am excited to see Amanda Nildén staying with Tottenham Hotspur. She has been a great addition to the team and I believe she will continue to improve and contribute in the future. Good job, Vilahamn for recognizing her potential and having a plan for her to stay at the club.
2024-03-14 18h39m by jwhiteheadbarnes
As a football fan, I think it's great to see Tottenham retaining Amanda Nildén. She's been a key player for us since joining on loan and it's clear that the manager has a plan to keep her at the club beyond this season. Looking forward to seeing her continue to develop and shine for Spurs.


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