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        The Welshman left Forest last December

        Steve Cooper close to being appointed new Leicester manager

        2024/06/19 11:28

        Steve Cooper is on the verge of becoming the new head coach of Leicester City.

        According to reports, negotiations are in the final stages, with Cooper emerging as the top choice for the Premier League club. 

        The Welshman was shortlisted along with former Brighton and Chelsea manager Graham Potter.

        The 44-year-old manager has been unemployed since leaving Nottingham Forest in December. He had led the team to promotion from the Championship and secured their Premier League status in their first season. 

        However, Cooper departed with the club in 17th place after a poor run of one win in 13 matches.

        Leicester City, who secured promotion back to the Premier League by winning last season's Championship, are seeking a new head coach following Enzo Maresca's recent move to Chelsea.


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        2024-06-19 12h42m by lhalliday_bart
        Great news for Leicester City! Steve Cooper is a fantastic choice for the team. Excited to see what he will bring to the club.
        2024-06-19 12h13m by awalkerson7
        Wow, what a surprise! Really excited about Steve Cooper potentially joining Leicester City as head coach. He's proved himself in the Championship and I have no doubt he will bring success to the Premier League.
        2024-06-19 12h04m by sparkerfield
        Wow, exciting news for Leicester City! As a football fan, I'm eager to see what Steve Cooper can bring to the team.
        2024-06-19 11h42m by mfosterfield
        Wow, this is exciting news! As a football fan, I think Steve Cooper would be a great choice for
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