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      England 1-1 Sweden

      Sweden hold England in Women's Euro Qualifier opener

      2024/04/05 22:26

      The reigning champions of Europe England kicked off their journey in the Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers with a 1-1 draw against Sweden at Wembley Stadium.

      Alessia Russo broke the deadlock for the Lionesses by heading in a smart cross from Lauren James in the first half, despite Sweden dominating the game. 

      However, the visitors managed to level through Fridolina Rolfo in the 64th minute, taking advantage of England's lapse in concentration during a throw-in.

      Arsenal striker Stina Blackstenius missed a crucial chance moments later when facing England's goalkeeper, Mary Earps.

      Lauren Hemp made valiant efforts to clinch a win in the closing stages of the game but was denied twice.

      Next up for England is an away game against the Republic of Ireland in Dublin on Tuesday.


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      2024-04-05 23h57m by awalkerson7
      As a fan of the reigning champions of Europe England, I have to say I'm disappointed with the 1-1 draw against Sweden. It's great to see Alessia Russo scoring, but we should have secured the win. Let's hope we can bounce back in our next game against the Republic of Ireland.
      2024-04-05 23h48m by a_12_shawcross
      As a football fan of England, I am content with the draw against Sweden at Wembley Stadium. It was a tough game and both teams put in a strong performance. I'm disappointed that we couldn't secure a win, but I'm confident in our team's abilities and look forward to the next game against the Republic of Ireland.
      2024-04-05 23h18m by l_10_brownfield
      As an England fan, I am absolutely thrilled with the team's performance against Sweden. The enthusiasm and determination shown by our players was inspiring and it's great to see them start off the Women's Euro qualifiers on such a high note. Despite the draw, I have full confidence in their abilities and can't wait to see them dominate in their upcoming match against Ireland. Go Lionesses!
      2024-04-05 22h45m by banderson1976
      As a football fan, I have to say that I'm disappointed with England's performance in the Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers against Sweden. Despite taking the lead, they were unable to maintain it and ended up with a 1-1 draw. But I have to give credit to Sweden for their strong performance. Let's hope England can bounce back in their next game against the Republic of Ireland.
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