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      The most iconic English football moments throughout history

      2024/05/31 18:01

      English football is always full of exciting moments. However, some are just so iconic that people keep looking back at them with excitement, regardless of how long it’s been. 

      In this article, we’ll look back at some of the most iconic moments in English football – moments that may have had fans betting and celebrating the moment with a nice cold pint or two. In fact, with the explosion of online casinos and online bookmakers these days, one can only imagine how much action people would have had in these classic-era games.

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      Agüero’s last-second title winner (2012) 

      Sergio Agüero’s last-second title winner is the kind of nail-biting stuff that makes the English Premier League such a joy to watch. Rewind back to 2012, on the last game of the season. League favourite Manchester United looked set to get their 13th Premier League title after winning their last game against Sunderland. However, Manchester City was hot on their trail, and United had to wait until City’s game against Queen’s Park Rangers finished before celebrating.

      What they weren’t expecting was Sergio Agüero scoring at 93:20 to tip the scales in their favour – never mind that City was trailing 2-1 when injury time started. Edin Džeko’s header equalised City, but it wasn’t until Agüero completed his strike that history changed for City. Manchester City’s win that year was their first in 44 years and marked the start of the club’s improvement in performance and reputation.

      Cantona’s red card kick (1995)

      You don’t usually hear football players engaging violently against another club’s supporter, especially not in the manner that Eric Cantona did it. Cantona’s temper came to a head during Manchester United’s game against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in January 1995. One of the Crystal Palace fans shouted abuse towards Cantona, and he responded by doing a “kung fu kick” at the fan.

      This antic earned Cantona an immediate red card and a £20,000 fine. Manchester United also handed him a nine-month suspension for his behaviour. Even though he returned with a stellar performance after his suspension (ultimately scoring the winning FA Cup goal and another club win for United next season), the shock surrounding his response to the fan has never gone away. 

      Manchester United's Treble (1999)

      At the height of Manchester United’s dominance, the club achieved a first for any English league: winning the treble in 1999. Led by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United won the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League titles in the same season.

      What’s even more remarkable about United’s 1999 run is the number of times they’ve lost that season across all competition games. They’ve lost only five games: one during the Charity Shield game against Arsenal, one during the fifth round of the League Cup against Tottenham Hotspur, and three times throughout the Premier League.

      After those losses, Manchester United started an unbeaten run of 33 games across all competitions, ultimately winning the treble. The only other time a club achieved this feat was during the 2022-2023 season by Manchester City.

      The Hillsborough disaster (1989)

      On a more somber note, the Hillsborough disaster from 1989 is one event that no one should forget. It’s a tragedy that caused the deaths of 97 people and injured 766. 

      Disaster struck in April 1989 during what would have been the FA Cup semifinal match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. To prevent violence, fans of both sides were assigned two separate standing-only areas within the stadium. Turnstiles created a bottleneck at the Liverpool entrance, so police opened a gate to ease crowding and facilitate easier movement. However, the sudden surge of people caused a human crush.

      Official investigations revealed that severe overcrowding and police mismanagement caused the disaster. After the tragedy, several English football grounds underwent safety improvements, most notably the removal of standing-only areas, replacing them with seats.

      Arsenal’s ‘The Invincibles’ (2003 - 2004)

      Most fans would say it’s impossible, but Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal team in 2003-2004 would prove everyone wrong. They won the Premier League title without losing once! Arsenal’s record of 26 wins, 12 draws and zero losses has yet to be replicated.

      Not even the top-flight teams today can manage such a strong display of football. The only other time something similar happened was in 1889, when Preston North End ended the season with 18 wins and four draws. Incidentally, the Invincibles’ run also happened to be the club’s last Premier League win under Arsène Wenger’s hand.

      Leicester City’s Premier League title win (2015 - 2016)

      Nobody expected that Leicester City would ultimately lift the trophy during the 2015-2016 Premier League season. Especially when during the previous season, Leicester nearly got relegated to the EFL Championship League.

      Somehow, the Foxes defied everyone’s expectations and won the league. Nobody expected Leicester to pull it off; even bookies assigned them unreasonable odds of 5000/1 (+500000 in American Moneyline figures).

      But after just three losses in the entire season, Leicester City won their first English top-flight title; it only took them 132 years since the club was established.

      England's World Cup victory (1966)

      You can’t talk about iconic English football moments without mentioning England’s World Cup victory in 1966. It’s not just because it’s England’s only World Cup win so far but also because they won it at Wembley Stadium – their home turf. The feat has also withstood the controversy surrounding it. 

      One of Sir Geoff Hurst’s goals during the game should have been disallowed because the ball technically did not cross the goal line. However, the referee thought it was a goal, paving the way for England to win. This controversial goal also makes up one of the goals needed for Sir Hurst’s hat trick, which was the first hat trick ever in a World Cup final.

      The only other player to achieve this feat was Kylian Mbappé for France in 2022, although France didn’t win the World Cup. As such, Sir Hurst’s hat trick remains the only one performed in a winning World Cup game.


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      2024-05-31 19h53m by gkingsley
      Manchester City and QPR were tied 2-2, and City needed a win to secure the title.

      As a football fan, I have to say that moments like Agüero's last-second title winner are what make the English Premier League so special. No matter how much time passes, I still get chills thinking about it! The excitement and tension of that game was at an all-time high, and it's a moment that will never be forgotten in English football history
      2024-05-31 19h39m by edavidson
      Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers were tied at 2-2. It was literally the last few seconds of the game, and Manchester City had to score to secure the title.

      Wow, reliving these iconic moments in English football always gives me goosebumps! Especially Agüero's last-second title winner in 2012, what a nail-biting moment that was! The Premier League always has so much excitement to offer.
      2024-05-31 19h01m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      Manchester City needed a win against QPR to secure the title, but things weren’t going their way as QPR took a shock lead. With just 90 minutes on the clock, Agüero scored a dramatic goal, securing the title for Manchester City and sending fans into a frenzy.

      As a football fan, I have to say that Agüero’s last-second title winner will always be one of the most unforgettable moments in English football
      2024-05-31 18h30m by banderson1976
      Manchester City needed a win to secure the title, and their rivals, Manchester United, were leading against Sunderland. As the game entered injury time, City were trailing 2-1 against Queens Park Rangers. It seemed like United had done enough, but then in the 94th minute, Edin Dzeko scored for City, leveling the game. And just a minute later, the iconic moment arrived. Agüero received the ball from Mario Balotelli, dribbled past


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