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        Footballer & actor takes reins in National League

        Tier six side appoint Ted Lasso star as manager

        2024/06/19 13:20

        National League North side Oxford City have appointed Guyana captain and Ted Lasso TV star Sam Cox as their new manager. 

        Cox, 33, played West Ham United player Armando in season three of the Apple TV show, which follows the managerial career of an American Football coach who leads a fictitious English club side to the Premier League. 

        After a spell as interim manager at Wealdstone, Cox has taken the reins at Oxford City following their relegation from the National League last season. 

        Unveiled as the new man in the dugout at the tier six club, Cox - who has made 32 international appearances for Guyana - spoke about what fans can expect from him.

        "Positivity - a style and philosophy that is hopefully attractive, and ultimately winning football matches.

        "I know where I feel I can get this football club, and I'm going to do my very best to do that."


        Sam Cox
        Born/Age1990-10-10(33 -yrs-old)
        Job RoleManager


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        2024-06-19 15h48m by jgibsonson
        As a football fan, I'm disappointed to hear that Oxford City has appointed a manager who is better known for his role on a TV show than his actual experience in the sport. It's concerning that the club seems to value a gimmick over the qualifications and credentials of their manager. I hope Sam Cox can prove himself and lead the team to success, but I have my doubts.
        2024-06-19 15h25m by jwhiteheadbarnes
        As a football fan, I am excited to see Sam Cox take on the role of manager at Oxford City. His experience both on and off the field, as both a player and a TV star, brings a unique perspective that I believe will bring positivity and a winning mentality to the team. I have high hopes for the future of the club under his leadership.
        2024-06-19 15h09m by omitchellsonjones
        As a football fan, I have to say I'm excited to see what Sam Cox can bring to Oxford City as their new manager. His experience playing for Guyana and being featured on Ted Lasso definitely add an interesting dynamic to his appointment. I'm hoping his positivity and attractive style of play will lead to success for the club. Good luck, Sam!
        2024-06-19 14h39m by jreedmanbrst
        As a fan, I am absolutely ecstatic about this appointment! Sam Cox is not only a talented footballer but also a beloved character from one of my favorite TV shows. I have no doubt that his positivity and winning mentality will bring success to Oxford City. I am excited to see what he can do with the team and will be fully supporting him and the club.
        2024-06-19 14h02m by banderson1976
        As a football fan, I am excited to see Sam Cox take on the role of manager at Oxford City. His experience as a player and his appearance on Ted Lasso show that he has a passion for the sport and knows what it takes to be successful. I am looking forward to seeing his positive style of play and hoping for some wins for the team. Good luck to Cox and the club!
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