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Manager to focus on recovery from surgery

Tony Mowbray leaves Birmingham City

2024/05/21 09:37

Tony Mowbray has stepped down from the Birmingham City job to focus on recovering from surgery.

The 60-year-old originally took time off for medical leave in February before taking a formal medical leave in March.

"As people will be aware, I am currently undertaking a period of extended convalescence following significant and unexpected surgery earlier in the year which required that I take a period of medical absence," Mowbray said in a statement to the club's fans.

"Throughout this period, I have watched every Birmingham City game along with every training session, whilst I have remained in positive and constructive dialogue with [Owner] Tom Wagner, [CEO] Garry Cook and [Technical Director] Craig Gardner.

"Over the very recent days, it has become apparent to me that I will not be fully fit to resume my duties as Manager of Birmingham City in the timescale that would allow the Club to best prepare for the forthcoming season and therefore, I have regrettably decided to step away from my role at this time.

"Once I have fully recovered, it is important to me that I then spend some quality time with my wife and my boys before I fully commit to work...

“...Once I have fully recovered and have spent some quality time with my family, I intend to make a return to football management at the appropriate moment. I hope that the privacy of my family and I will be respected at this time. Thank you for your ongoing support, Tony.”

Mowbray initially made a bright impact at Birmingham City after his appointment but the team could not avoid relegation to League One in his absence finishing the Championship season in 22nd place.

Tony Mowbray
NameAnthony Mark Mowbray
Born/Age1963-11-22(60 -yrs-old)
Job RoleManager



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2024-05-21 11h36m by banderson1976
As a football fan, I can understand Tony Mowbray's decision to step down from his role at Birmingham City. Recovering from surgery is never easy and it's important to prioritize one's health. However, I have full confidence in the club's leadership and trust that they will find a suitable replacement for Mowbray. Wishing him a speedy recovery!
2024-05-21 11h21m by l_10_brownfield
Wow, I can't believe Tony Mowbray has stepped down from the Birmingham City job. As a fan, I'm disappointed to see him go, but I understand his need to focus on his recovery from surgery. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hoping for the best for the club under new leadership.
2024-05-21 10h50m by lhalliday_bart
As a football fan, I'm heartbroken to hear that Tony Mowbray has stepped down from his role as Birmingham City manager. His dedication to the club, even while recovering from surgery, is truly admirable. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hoping to see him back on the sidelines soon.
2024-05-21 10h38m by dnelsons
As a football fan, I'm sad to hear that Tony Mowbray will be stepping down from his role as manager at Birmingham City. It's important for him to focus on his recovery and I wish him all the best. It's impressive that he has been keeping an eye on the team while on medical leave and staying in touch with the club's leadership.
2024-05-21 10h12m by jgibsonson
As a football fan, I am incredibly disappointed to hear that Tony Mowbray has had to step down from the Birmingham City job to focus on recovering from surgery. He has been a dedicated and passionate manager for the club and I wish him a speedy recovery. It's unfortunate that he has had to step down, but his health should always come first. I trust that the club will find a capable replacement and continue to have success on the field. Best of luck to Tony in his recovery
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