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For at least six to eight weeks

Tony Mowbray step away as Birmingham manager due to serious illness

2024/02/19 11:49

Tony Mowbray will be taking a leave of absence due to a significant health issue, as confirmed by the Championship club. 

The specific nature of Mowbray's illness has not been disclosed, but the club has affirmed his temporary stepping aside for six to eight weeks.

Mowbray's last game in charge was a 2-1 victory against Sunderland at home this past Saturday. This marked his third win since taking over from the former manager, Wayne Rooney, in January.

During Mowbray's absence, assistant manager Mark Venus will assume temporary responsibility for the team with immediate effect.

In the club's released statement, Mowbray said: “Following my recent LMA Health Assessment I have received a medical diagnosis that will require me to receive treatment. Undergoing treatment will necessitate that I temporarily step away from the Technical Area as Manager of Birmingham City Football Club. Until I return, my Assistant Manager, Mark Venus, will take temporary charge of the team, supported by coaches Ashley Cole, Pete Shuttleworth and Maik Taylor. I will continue to provide advice and counsel while undergoing treatment. 

“The Club has been incredibly supportive of me and my family and we are very grateful. I know that everyone will be respectful of our privacy at this time.”


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2024-02-19 12h36m by eedwards
As a loyal and dedicated football fan, I am devastated to hear about Tony Mowbray's health issue. He has been a fantastic manager for Birmingham City and his absence will surely be felt by the team. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hoping to see him back on the sidelines soon.
2024-02-19 12h31m by sjacksons_9_2_1
Shocking and saddening news, wishing Tony a speedy recovery. The team will have to dig deep and come together during this difficult time.
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