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The Spaniard guided Villa to the Champions League

Unai Emery signs new long-term contract with Aston Villa

2024/05/27 16:59

Unai Emery has signed a new five-year contract with Aston Villa after leading them to the Champions League for the upcoming season.

The 52-year-old Spaniard has transformed Villa since joining from Villarreal in October 2022, when the team was 17th in the Premier League following Steven Gerrard's departure.

In his first season, he guided them to a seventh-place finish, and this season, he achieved fourth place, earning the club their first-ever spot in the UEFA Champions League.

Additionally, the Spaniard led the Villans to the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League in their first European campaign in 13 years.

Speaking to the club's media team, Emery said: “I am very happy to take this step and the responsibility of leading this club.

“Since I came to Villa with Wes and Nassef we found always the best environment and structure to develop a project with the highest ambition.

“All the football structure with Monchi and Damian and the owners, we share the same vision and same goals.

“There’s a great chemistry in Aston Villa. And the element of the fans’ support also makes the difference to feel like home. We are really excited to continue this journey with no limits to our dreams.”

Unai Emery
NameUnai Emery Etxegoien
Born/Age1971-11-03(52 -yrs-old)
Job RoleManager



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2024-05-27 18h30m by jgibsonson
As a football fan, it's disappointing to see Emery sign a new contract with Villa. He's done well, but I don't think he's the right fit for the club's long-term success.
2024-05-27 18h24m by banderson1976
As a football fan, I am absolutely ecstatic to hear that Unai Emery has signed a new five-year contract with Aston Villa! He has truly transformed the team since his arrival in 2022 and has led them to their first-ever Champions League spot. It's amazing to see how far the Villans have come under his leadership. Congratulations to Emery and the entire Villa team!
2024-05-27 17h56m by hturnerford
The fans, the board, the staff, and the players have all been incredible and I am excited to continue this journey with them.

As a football fan, I am thrilled to see Unai Emery sign a new five-year contract with Aston Villa. He has completely transformed the team and led them to a historic Champions League spot. His tactics and leadership have been key in this success. I have no doubt he will continue to guide Villa to even greater heights in the future.
2024-05-27 17h28m by omitchellsonjones
We have a young squad, a fantastic fan base and a strong club culture, which we will continue to build on.

As a football fan, I am thrilled to see Emery commit to Aston Villa for the next five years. He has done an incredible job since joining the club and has truly transformed their performance on the pitch.

His leadership and tactical prowess have been evident in the team's rise from 17th place to a Champions League spot in just two seasons. It's clear that he has
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