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      Italian manager impressed during time at Brighton

      United sound out De Zerbi

      2024/05/28 10:45

      Roberto De Zerbi has reportedly been contacted regarding potentially succeeding Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager. 

      Prior to United's 2-1 FA Cup final win over Manchester City on Saturday, there was speculation that the decision to replace ten Hag at the helm had already been taken by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who controls football operations at Old Trafford following his purchase of a 27.7% stake in the club last year. 

      The Dutch manager was in buoyant mood last weekend after winning a second piece of silverware in two seasons - FA Cup success following victory in the Carabao Cup in 2022/23 - and spoke of his investment in the Red Devils' "project", as well as his desire to create a team with "identity". 

      However, according to the Guardian, De Zerbi's possession-based style of play and results at Brighton have impressed Ratcliffe and with the Italian having left the Seagulls by mutual consent, he is on a shortlist of potential replacements for ten Hag. 

      Reportedly also on the shortlist are Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio ­Pochettino, Thomas Frank and Kieran McKenna, although the indications are that the latter will stay at Ipswich next season. 

      Roberto de Zerbi
      NameRoberto de Zerbi
      Born/Age1979-06-06(45 -yrs-old)
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-05-28 12h22m by lhalliday_bart
      As a football fan, I am thrilled at the potential of Roberto De Zerbi taking over as Manchester United manager. Exciting times ahead for the club!
      2024-05-28 12h09m by jwhiteheadbarnes
      Wow! This is huge news for United fans! De Zerbi could be our next manager I'm really excited to see what he can do with our team. Hopefully, we can continue our winning ways and build a strong identity under his leadership. Bring on the future!
      2024-05-28 11h34m by hturnerford
      As a football fan, I have mixed feelings about Zeal tone potentially becoming the next Manchester United manager. On one hand, his track record with Sassuolo and recent success with Ajax is impressive. But on the other hand, I am wary of another foreign manager coming in and potentially disrupting the team's identity. Only time will tell if he is the right fit for the Red Devils.
      2024-05-28 11h18m by eedwards
      Football fan's opinion on Roberto De Zerbi possibly succeeding Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager: This could be an interesting move for United. Ten Hag has been successful, but De Zerbi's vision for the team's identity could bring some much-needed freshness. Excited to see how this will develop!


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