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Every PL club's record this season in all comps

Victories by more than ONE goal

2024/04/10 16:11

Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with Liverpool at Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon was a respectable point for the Red Devils, despite yet another really disjointed performance.

Erik ten Hag’s side have played well over 40 matches across all competitions so far this season and, quite astonishingly, they have managed to win just six of those matches in a ‘convincing’ fashion by more than a solitary goal.

So, without just casting shade and heavily criticising United without context, this is a look at how each side has fared in that regard in the Premier League and just how rare it is to be so unconvincing – especially for a side the size of Manchester United.



The four teams with the most wins by more than a goal are all in the top five and were in fact the top four until this last weekend when Tottenham moved above Aston Villa on goal difference. It is quite remarkable that Liverpool and Manchester City have both won more than half of their games so far this season by more than a solitary goal.

The current bottom four in the Premier League are indeed the teams with the fewest wins by more than a solitary goal, whilst Crystal Palace, Everton and Brentford, who are all in the relegation battle, are all also among the teams with the fewest wins. 

Therefore, just on the face of it, there is a correlation to be drawn between the standard of a team overall and the amount of times they manage a convincing victory. It is therefore a damning look for Erik ten Hag and Manchester United that they are in the bottom-half of this table with their six wins by more than a solitary goal as follows:

-    A heavily rotated Crystal Palace side in the second round of the EFL Cup.
-    Everton away in the Premier League with Alejandro Garnacho’s screamer after two minutes.
-    League One Wigan in the FA Cup third round, requiring a controversial penalty.
-    League Two Newport in the FA Cup fourth round, requiring a stoppage-time clincher.
-    West Ham at home in the Premier League.
-    Everton at home in the Premier League with two first-half penalties. 


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2024-04-10 17h40m by awalkerson7
As a football fan, I have to say that Manchester United's performance in recent matches has been quite underwhelming. Despite their impressive record of playing over 40 matches this season, they have only managed to convincingly win six of those matches by more than one goal. It's quite rare for a team of their caliber to struggle this much and it's definitely concerning. Hopefully, they can improve in the future and start getting more convincing wins.
2024-04-10 17h02m by eyoungs8
As an en-GB football fan, I have to say that Faith Tone are definitely struggling to find their form this season. Despite playing over 40 matches, they have only managed to convincingly win six games. That's a pretty disappointing record for a team of Manchester United's caliber. It's rare to see such a lackluster performance from a top team, and I hope they can turn things around soon.
2024-04-10 16h41m by jwhiteheadbarnes
As a football fan, I have to say that it's disappointing to see Manchester United struggle to win convincingly in so many matches this season. Even a respectable draw against Liverpool doesn't make up for their overall disjointed performance. It's rare for a team of United's caliber to be so unconvincing, especially in the Premier League.


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