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      Villans aiming for Champions League football...

      Villa extend Emery contract until 2027

      2024/04/23 13:40

      Unai Emery's contract at Aston Villa has been extended to keep him in charge of the club until 2027.

      The Spaniard took over from Steven Gerrard in 2022 with Villa close to the relegation zone. However, in a remarkable turnaround the West Midlands club are now in search of Champions League football.

      According to BBC Sport, Villa have agreed to extend the 52-year-old's contract until 2027 and are set to offer a new long-term deal to the manager in the summer.

      Villa fans will be happy to hear the news, especially considering how competitive the manager market is going to be this summer with Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona among the sides looking to recruit.

      Emery's side are currently fourth in the Premier League with 66 points from 34 games and have a big week ahead starting with hosting Chelsea on Saturday before taking on Olympiacos in the UEFA Europa Conference League semi-finals next week.

      Unai Emery
      NameUnai Emery Etxegoien
      Born/Age1971-11-03(52 -yrs-old)
      Job RoleManager



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      2024-04-23 15h42m by ocollinsworth
      Wow, this is fantastic news for Villa fans! Emery has done an incredible job turning the team around since taking over in 2022. So happy to see him extended until 2027. Let's go Villa!
      2024-04-23 15h08m by sjacksons_9_2_1
      Wow, amazing news for Villa! Emery has completely turned the club around and now they're competing for Champions League football. This shows real ambition from the club. Excited to see what the next few years hold with Emery at the helm.
      2024-04-23 14h53m by a_12_shawcross
      As a Villa fan, I couldn't be more content with this news! Emery has truly transformed our club and has us on the brink of Champions League football. Excited to see what the future holds under his leadership.
      2024-04-23 14h16m by sparkerfield
      As a Villa fan, I couldn't be happier with this news. Emery has turned our club around and has us competing for Champions League football. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Villa under his guidance.
      2024-04-23 14h08m by dnelsons
      Wow, great news for Villa fans! Emery has truly turned things around for the club since taking over. Keeping him until 2027 shows real belief in his abilities. Excited to see what he can achieve in the upcoming seasons.
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