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        Playmaker lists 12 potential POTS winners

        Who have been the Premier League's best this season?

        2024/02/09 13:43

        As Playmaker's regular 11am coffee break unfolded this Wednesday, a compelling question cropped up: if the Premier League ended today, who would win the top flight's Player of the Season award?

        After a fair amount of head-scratching, the general conclusion was that the award for the division's top performer is well and truly up for grabs. Whether it be due to dips in form, injuries or international distractions, Erling Haaland's successor as the best player in the division is yet to burst from the pack (which once again contains Haaland himself!).  

        With 15 league games remaining (16 for some teams), this Premier League campaign is entering its final third and Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal are locked in a fierce tussle at the top of the table. The players that define the title run-in will naturally enter the equation when deciding the division's best, but there are some left-field candidates for end-of-season honours playing for clubs with very different objectives. 

        This slideshow profiles the 12 players we believe have shone brightest in the Premier League thus far in 2023/24 - the initial three being our favourites to land the prestigious 'Player of the Season' accolade come the end of the season. 

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        Rodri Hernández
        NameRodrigo Hernández Cascante
        Born/Age1996-06-22(27 -yrs-old)
        PositionMidfielder (Defensive Midfielder)


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        2024-02-09 15h27m by jreedmanbrst

        As a football fan, I have to say that the race for Premier League Player of the Season is wide open right now! With the top performers struggling with form, injuries and international duties, it's anyone's game. Let's not forget that even Erling Haaland himself is still in the mix. With just a few games left, it's going to be an intense battle between Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal for the title.
        2024-02-09 15h27m by a_12_shawcross
        2024-02-09 15h27m by hturnerford
        As a football fan, I have to say that the race for Premier League Player of the Season is wide open! With so many top players struggling with form, injuries, and international duties, it's anyone's game. Will Erling Haaland defend his title or will a new star emerge Exciting times ahead as we enter the final third of the season.
        2024-02-09 15h00m by lhalliday_bart
        By trading blows week-in, week-out, this trio have already begun to establish a  gap between themselves and the chasing pack.

        It's a tough call, but I have to say, I think Kevin De Bruyne could come out on top in the end. He's been consistently brilliant for Man City all season and has really stepped up as a leader in the absence of Sergio Aguero. Plus, he always seems to have that extra bit of magic up his
        2024-02-09 14h21m by ocollinsworth
        As a football fan, I have to say that the race for Player of the Season is anyone's game at this point. With so many top players in the mix, it's hard to predict who will come out on top. Haaland may have been the standout performer in recent years, but with injuries and international commitments, it's anyone's guess who will take the crown this season.

        I'm eagerly watching the remaining matches to see who will rise to the occasion and claim the coveted Player of
        2024-02-09 14h04m by gkingsley
        As a football fan, I have to say that this Premier League season has been one of the most exciting in recent years. The race for Player of the Season is wide open and it's impossible to predict who will come out on top. All of the top teams are fighting for the title and it's anyone's game at this point. Can't wait to see who will ultimately be crowned the best player in the division.


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