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Who will be crowned Winner this Euro 2024 according to the stats?

2024/06/14 10:37

If you are a big fan of football then you most likely know that the famous UEFA European Championships are just around the corner. The first teams are set to kick off on the 14th June 2024 and then all the excitement breaks loose. 

Many teams are playing in this division, all of which trying to perform at their utmost peak. With different teams set against each other, you might think that this is purely a game of chance and skill and that those interested in it must simply bide their time to see the surprising winner. However, if you plan to simply sit meekly alongside and only spectate without looking into the stats as to who could win based on stats, then you'd be one of the few. 

The allure of football and why it's so enchanting to watch the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship

You've probably always wondered what makes this specific championship so interesting, if there are so many others that happen, such as La Liga, Champions League and Serie A. Well, as you most likely already know, La Liga is for the Spanish football teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid and Serie A is the Italian version in which teams such as AC Milan and Juventus go head to head. The idea behind these two is for the teams i.e., the private teams to fight it out for the win. 

However, with the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship, you will not find a single team name, instead, you will find country names. Much like the World Cup, in which countries go head to head to win the title, this is much the same, only that these countries are all based in Europe. 

It is the fight to the finish line to see which team may claim themselves to be the best team in the whole of Europe. With excellent countries such as Spain, England, Germany and the Netherlands all coming to show their immense skill set, you can be sure that you are about to witness some serious greatness. 

This will be an especially exciting time for you if you have a keen passion for football. However, the only thing you need to remember is that within the private teams, certain players must be rivals as one plays for AC Milan and the other for Inter Milan, however, when they come together on the pitch to represent Italy, then they need to work together and put their feuds aside. This is an interesting aspect to understand and one that certainly impacts the success of a team and how likely they are to have good stats that indicate that they might win the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship.

Interesting stats and predictions concerning the winner of the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship

To properly understand the stats that are to become rather copious over the next few days, it is crucial that you know which team is playing which category. Below you will find all of the teams that are playing from Group A – Group F.

  • Group A: Germany, Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland
  • Group B: Spain, Croatia, Italy and Albania
  • Group C: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia and England
  • Group D: Poland, the Netherlands, Austria and France
  • Group E: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine
  • Group F: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal and Czech Republic

As you can see from above, there are 24 teams that come together to battle it out for the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship. They each worked very hard to even enter the competition, as you must complete a preliminary stage in order to get in. The exciting thing about this championship is that it only occurs once every four years. 

The last team to win the championship in 2020, was Italy. This means that the team with the highest likelihood of winning the whole thing and the one that the stats and euro odds are screaming toward being the next winner, is Italy. But do not be deterred, there are other teams in each of these stages that show equal statistical promise.

In Group A, the two teams that stand out to become winners are Germany and Switzerland. For Group B, the stats all point toward Spain and Italy knocking Croatia and Albania out. When it comes to Group C, you can't help but agree with the stats regarding Denmark and England making it to the next round. Then you have Group D, where the Netherlands and France stand out. 

Beyond this, in Group E and Group F, is it most likely going to be Belgium and Slovakia coming out on top, followed by Portugal and the Czech Republic. Now, this is naturally not concrete information as anything can happen when the two teams come out onto the field, however, given their reputation and how well they have been playing, it is safe to say that the ones mentioned above do show great promise. 

At this stage of the championship, in which no game has yet been played, the stats are not as intricate as they will be in a few days. Once a few teams play, the stats will automatically change to show the teams that are doing the best. 

This could either come out as supporting the above-mentioned stats or be completely different. It really depends on how well the team is working together, whether the managers are doing a good job and even dependent on the weather, wetter conditions tend to affect certain teams more than others.  

He shoots, Goooal!

With everything mentioned above, all the great teams coming out to play, going head to head with each other and all for a championship that only comes along once every four years, you are surely eager for it all to start and to start seeing which teams exceed expectations and which can't seem to keep up. 

It is impossible to say which team will win for sure, however, it is only normal to have a hunch. You must look at the stats whilst watching the game, just so that you keep your expectations in check. Although all of these teams are filled with superstar players, sometimes it takes more than just skill to win the whole championship, something that Italy portrayed beautifully in 2020. But, regardless of which team will win, one thing is for sure – it is bound to be an awesome spectacle. 


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2024-06-14 12h46m by jreedmanbrst
As a football fan, I have been eagerly waiting for the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship and I am beyond excited for it to finally kick off. With so many talented teams competing, it's anyone's game to win. But as a true fan, I have been following the stats and predictions, and I have my own opinions on who will come out on top. It's not just about chance and skill, it's about strategy and team dynamics. And that's what makes football so thrilling
2024-06-14 12h17m by eedwards
As a football fan, I have been eagerly anticipating the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship. The teams competing are all top contenders and it's anyone's game. But one thing is for sure, it's going to be an action-packed event filled with nail-biting moments. The excitement and passion that each team brings to the field is what makes this championship so special. It's not just a game, it's a battle of skills and determination.

I can't wait to see which team will
2024-06-14 11h55m by gkingsley
As a football fan, I can't wait for the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship to kick off on 14th June! With so many talented teams competing, it's going to be an exciting battle for the ultimate prize. But let's not forget the importance of analyzing stats to predict potential winners - it's not just about chance and skill. Can't wait to witness the allure of football in action!
2024-06-14 11h26m by edavidson
Football fans often wait with baited breath to see their favourite teams and players compete in these prestigious tournaments.

As a football fan in en-GB, I believe that the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship is yet another example of the disillusionment in modern football. The constant focus on money and commercialization has taken away from the true spirit and passion of the game. It's no longer about the love for the sport, but rather about the profits and sponsorships.

It's sad to see how
2024-06-14 11h00m by jwhiteheadbarnes
As a football fan, I have been eagerly anticipating the UEFA Euro 2024 Championship and I am beyond excited for it to finally begin. The level of competition and skill on display during this tournament is unmatched, and it is always a thrill to watch my favorite teams battle it out on the field.

But what sets this championship apart from the rest For me, it is the combination of high stakes and unexpected outcomes that make it so thrilling. With teams from various countries facing off against each other


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