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A look at the favourite candidates...

Who will be the next Bayern manager?

2024/02/21 14:50

Bayern Munich and Thomas Tuchel will part ways at the end of the season after a match that ultimately fit neither party.

Tuchel's departure frees up a big job for any manager who is up for matching the impossibly high standards that are demanded of the club.

It's rare for Bayern to not win the league and if Bayer Leverkusen do win this season's Bundesliga then pressure will be on any replacement to immediately hit the ground running.

Naturally, the news of Tuchel leaving gives us plenty of room for speculation of just who is going take one of club football's biggest jobs.

We've gone through the favourites for the Bayern Munich managerial position...

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2024-02-21 15h46m by nlawson12
As a football fan, I can't see how this benefits either Bayern Munich or Thomas Tuchel. Losing a manager at this point in the season is never ideal and it puts a lot of pressure on whoever takes over. However, I'm excited to see who steps up to the challenge and how they will continue the success of the club.
2024-02-21 15h34m by lhalliday_bart
As a football fan, I'm both sad and excited about Tuchel's departure from Bayern Munich. Sad because he's been a great manager for the club, but excited to see who will take on the challenge of meeting the high standards set by the team. It's going to be tough to find a replacement, but I can't wait to see who it will be!
2024-02-21 15h17m by edavidson
Wow, this is a big shake-up for Bayern Munich and Thomas Tuchel. It's disappointing to see them part ways after a match that didn't go well for either side. This opens up a huge opportunity for any manager who's ready to take on the high expectations at the club. Winning the league is practically a guarantee for Bayern, so the next manager better be prepared for the pressure. Excited to see who will step up and take on this massive role.


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