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Playmaker 72
Our Playmaker 72 winner for 2024!
It's been a trek, but we have at long last reached the summit of our 'Playmaker 72' for 2024. You may have seen us say it a few times so far but this '72' is not a ...
10-05-2024 13:19E3
Playmaker 72
The Championship winners' main man in midfield...
We're now down to just the final two of this year's 'Playmaker 72' with an another outstanding player from this season. It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify ...
10-05-2024 12:40E5
Playmaker 72
League Two Player of the Season makes our podium
After an Olympian effort from Playmaker's quartet of football stattos, we have reached the podium of this season's countdown of the top performers across the EFL. It's certainly been ...
10-05-2024 11:33E4
Playmaker 72
Winger is most productive player in League One...
We've just about timed the climax of our 'Playmaker 72' to coincide with the finale of the EFL season, and we're down to the last - fabulous - four in this year's ...
09-05-2024 17:02E5
Playmaker 72
Ipswich full-back was Championship's top assister
The 'Playmaker 72' profiles began to blur together somewhat as we worked down our prestigious list of the top performers this season - but Playmaker's kaleidoscope of statistical ...
09-05-2024 13:12E4
Playmaker 72
The Championship 23/24 top scorer...
There are now just six players left in this year's edition of the 'Playmaker 72' and you can tell how high the quality is when this player is the Championship top scorer. It's ...
09-05-2024 13:10E4
Playmaker 72
Posh captain is destined for the Championship
The countdown of Playmaker’s ’72 of the 72’ is continuing at pace and we now focus in on an absolute star of League One this season. It's certainly been no easy task, but - ...
09-05-2024 12:53E2
Playmaker 72
Red Dragons clinch back-to-back promotions
Playmaker's countdown of the EFL's star men this season continues apace and we're almost into our 'Top 30'.   It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to ...
09-05-2024 09:22E4
Playmaker 72
The man with most goal involvements in the Champ
We’re now tucked inside the top ten of our ’72 of the 72’ and are once again focusing in on the top end of the Championship table for this one. It's certainly been no easy ...
08-05-2024 18:28E2
Playmaker 72
Stags attacker involved in 32 League Two goals
We've rattled down our annual 'Playmaker 72' countdown of the best performers across the EFL - and we now prepare to cross the Rubicon into our hallowed 'Top 10'. ...
08-05-2024 17:34E4
Playmaker 72
One of the Championship's most creative outlets...
We're just about to get to the Top 10 but first we have just one more player to highlight from this year's 'Playmaker 72'. It's certainly been no easy task, but - ...
07-05-2024 19:05E3
Playmaker 72
Norwich midfielder has been key to play-off push
Our quartet of football stattos is stockpiling stats for the final throes of our 'Playmaker 72' countdown - but we've still got plenty to play with for those on the periphery of our ...
07-05-2024 16:27E5
Playmaker 72
League One's winning captain next up...
We have had a range of emerging talents, classic EFL cult heroes and consistent performers throughout our ’72 of the 72’ and the next man falls into the final two categories. It's ...
07-05-2024 14:13E4
Playmaker 72
League Two Golden Boot winner knows where net is
Our quest to count down the top performers in the EFL this season nears its climax and, from here on in, each and every entrant is a statistical heavyweight!    It's certainly been ...
07-05-2024 14:12E5
Playmaker 72
Posh winger next up in our countdown
It has been a whirlwind few weeks but we are nearing the final part of our ’72 of the 72’ countdown with a move back up to League One. It's certainly been no easy task, but - just ...
07-05-2024 14:09E2
Playmaker 72
Prolific midfielder enjoyed blistering loan spell
We've whizzed through a fair portion of our 'Playmaker 72' countdown - and are now only a handful of profiles away from our prestigious 'Top 10'!    It's ...
07-05-2024 12:50E5
Playmaker 72
Forward finished top scorer for two clubs
We're getting close to the pinnacle of our 'Playmaker 72' list - and our 'Top 10' is now on the horizon. It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify - our ...
04-05-2024 09:37E4
Playmaker 72
An international footballer who is on the up...
We're getting close to the pinnacle of our 'Playmaker 72' list - and our 'Top 10' is now on the horizon. It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify - our ...
02-05-2024 15:54E3
Playmaker 72
Winger has most successful dribbles in the EFL
We're closing in on the apex of our 'Playmaker 72' - and we've already reached our 'Top 20'! It's certainly been no easy task, but - just to clarify - our ...
02-05-2024 15:51E2
Playmaker 72
The Hatters' top scorer this campaign...
We're almost up to our 'top 20' of the Playmaker 27 but first, we have one more player to go in our series on the best of the EFL this season. It's certainly been no easy task, but ...
02-05-2024 13:58E2


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