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          Domestic Competitions (3 Titles)

          SeasonManagerTitlesLiga InglesaThe FA CupFull Members Cup League CupChampionshipLeague OneLeague Two
          2021/2022Patrick Vieira012º- 2R---
          2020/2021Roy Hodgson014º3R 2R---
          2019/2020Roy Hodgson014º3E 2R---
          2018/2019Roy Hodgson012ºQF 4R---
          2017/2018Frank de Boer
          Roy Hodgson
          011º3E 4R---
          2016/2017Alan Pardew
          Sam Allardyce
          014º4R 3R---
          2015/2016Alan Pardew015ºRunner-Up 4R---
          2014/2015Keith Millen
          Neil Warnock
          Alan Pardew
          010º5R 3R---
          2013/2014Ian Holloway
          Keith Millen
          Tony Pulis
          011º4R 2R---
          2012/2013Dougie Freedman
          Ian Holloway
          0-3R 2RF--
          2011/2012Dougie Freedman0-3R SF17º--
          2010/2011George Burley
          Dougie Freedman
          0-3R 2R20º--
          2009/2010Neil Warnock
          Paul Hart
          0-5R 2R21º--
          2008/2009Neil Warnock0-4R 2R15º--
          2007/2008Neil Warnock
          Peter Taylor
          0-3R 1RPOff--
          2006/2007Peter Taylor0-4R 1R12º--
          2005/2006Iain Dowie0-4R 4RPOff--
          2004/2005Iain Dowie019º3R 4R---
          2003/2004Iain Dowie
          Trevor Francis
          Steve Kember
          0-3R 4RF--
          2002/2003Trevor Francis
          Terry Bullivant
          Steve Kember
          0-L16 QF14º--
          2001/2002Steve Bruce
          Trevor Francis
          Steve Kember
          0-3R 3R10º--
          2000/2001Alan Smith
          Steve Kember
          0-- SF21º--
          1999/2000Steve Coppell0-1/32 2R15º--
          1998/1999Terry Venables
          Steve Coppell
          0-1/32 2R14º--
          1997/1998Steve Coppell
          Ray Lewington
          020ºL32 2R---
          1996/1997Dave Bassett
          Steve Coppell
          0-- 3RF--
          1995/1996Steve Coppell
          Dave Bassett
          0-- 2RF--
          1994/1995Alan Smith 019ºL32 SF---
          1993/1994Alan Smith 1-1/32 3RWinner--
          1992/1993Steve Coppell020º1/32 SF---
          1991/1992Steve Coppell010º1/32SF4R---
          1990/1991Steve Coppell1-Winner4R---
          1989/1990Steve Coppell015ºRunner-UpF2R---
          1988/1989Steve Coppell0-1/32SF3R--
          1987/1988Steve Coppell0-1/321R3R--
          1986/1987Steve Coppell0-L321R2R--
          1985/1986Steve Coppell0-1/321R2R--
          1984/1985Steve Coppell0-- 2R15º--
          1983/1984Alan Mullery0-1/32 1R18º--
          1982/1983Alan Mullery0-L32 3R15º--
          1981/1982Dario Gradi
          Steve Kember
          0-QF L1615º--
          1980/1981Malcolm Allison
          Dario Gradi
          Terry Venables
          Ernest Walley
          022º1/32 2R---
          1979/1980Terry Venables013º- 3R---
          1978/1979Terry Venables1-L16 2RWinner--
          1977/1978Terry Venables0-1/32 1R--
          1976/1977Terry Venables0-2E 2R---
          1975/1976Malcolm Allison0-SF 2R---
          1974/1975Malcolm Allison0-2E 2R---
          1973/1974Malcolm Allison0-1/32 2R20º--
          1972/1973Bert Head
          Malcolm Allison
          021º1/32 2R---
          1971/1972Bert Head020º- 2R---
          1970/1971Bert Head018º- QF---
          1969/1970Bert Head020ºL16 2R---
          1968/1969Bert Head0-- QF--
          1967/1968Bert Head0-- 2R11º--
          1966/1967Bert Head0-1/32 2R--
          1965/1966Dick Graham0-1/32 2R11º--
          1964/1965Dick Graham0-QF 3R--
          1963/1964Dick Graham0-2E 2R---
          1962/1963Dick Graham0-1E 2R---
          1961/19620-1/32 1R---
          1960/19610-1E 1R---
          1959/19600-1/32  ---
          1958/19590-1/32  --
          1957/19580-1/32  -- 
          1956/19570-1/32  -- 
          1955/19560--  -- 
          1954/19550-2E  -- 
          1953/19540-1E  -- 
          1952/19530-2E  -- 
          1951/19520-1E  -16º 
          1950/19510-1E  -- 
          1949/19500-1E  -- 
          1948/1949Jack Butler0-1E  -- 
          1947/1948Jack Butler0-1/32  -- 
          1946/19470-1/32  -14º 
          1945/19460n/a3R  n/an/a 
          1938/19390--  - 
          1937/19380-2E  - 
          1936/19370--  -14º 
          1935/19360-2E  - 
          1934/19350-1E  - 
          1933/19340-L32  -12º 
          1932/19330-1E  - 
          1931/19320-2E  - 
          1930/19310-L32  - 
          1929/19300-1/32  - 
          1928/19290-L16  - 
          1927/19280-1E  - 
          1926/19270--  - 
          1925/19260-L16  -13º 
          1924/19250-2E  21º- 
          1923/19240-L16  15º- 
          1922/19230-1E  16º- 
          1921/19220-1E  14º- 
          1920/19210-2E  -  
          1919/19200-1E  -  
          1914/19150--  -  
          1913/19140-2E  -  
          1912/19130-3E  -  
          1911/19120--  -  
          1910/19110-1E  -  
          1909/19100-1E  -  
          1908/19090--  -  
          1907/19080-3E  -  
          1906/19070-1E  -  
          1905/19060-3RQ  -  
          1875/18760 2R     
          1874/18750 -     
          1873/18740 1R     
          1872/18730 1R     
          1871/18720 SF     
          [Key: n/a=Not available, -=Did not play]
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