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          Euro Qualifying 2012


          Most Goals Scored

          1Netherlands selecionar equipa Netherlands1037231424203344
          2Germany selecionar equipa Germany1034221226112855
          3Sweden selecionar equipa Sweden1031181329122274
          4Portugal selecionar equipa Portugal102719833102432
          5Spain selecionar equipa Spain826141228212232
          6Hungary selecionar equipa Hungary1022121041102202
          6Armenia selecionar equipa Armenia1022111141101934
          8Belgium selecionar equipa Belgium102113843301832
          8Croatia selecionar equipa Croatia1221101151101743
          10Italy selecionar equipa Italy102015545011334
          10Rep. of Ireland selecionar equipa Rep. of Ireland1220101054211721
          12Bosnia and Herzegovina selecionar equipa Bosnia and Herzegovina121910957301722
          13England selecionar equipa England81771042201342
          13Russian Federation selecionar equipa Russian Federation101710753201611
          15Finland selecionar equipa Finland101614256211322
          15Austria selecionar equipa Austria101661056011232
          15Estonia selecionar equipa Estonia1216886821961
          18Denmark selecionar equipa Denmark8157848011221
          18France selecionar equipa France10158760101231
          18Czech Rep. selecionar equipa Czech Rep.101551060301501
          [MPD=Matches Played, G=Goals Scored, HG=Home Goals, AG=Away Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, PEN=Penalties scored, OG=Own Goals, GS11=Goals as starting player, GSUB=Goals as sub, W3=Wins by more than 3 goals.]
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