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        World Cup Qualifiers (UEFA) 1994


        Most Goals Scored

        1Netherlands selecionar equipa Netherlands1029131631312442
        1Romania selecionar equipa Romania1029171231202814
        3Spain selecionar equipa Spain1227171040102434
        4England selecionar equipa England1026161035002514
        5Norway selecionar equipa Norway102518736202412
        6Switzerland selecionar equipa Switzerland1023121139102213
        7Italy selecionar equipa Italy102214841102112
        8Czechoslovakia selecionar equipa Czechoslovakia102114743102104
        9Bulgaria selecionar equipa Bulgaria101911847501902
        9Wales selecionar equipa Wales101913647001902
        9Sweden selecionar equipa Sweden101912747101811
        9Rep. of Ireland selecionar equipa Rep. of Ireland121913657101632
        13Portugal selecionar equipa Portugal101814450101803
        14France selecionar equipa France10179853201701
        15Belgium selecionar equipa Belgium10167956211323
        16Russian Federation selecionar equipa Russian Federation8157848101322
        16Austria selecionar equipa Austria101512360101502
        16Denmark selecionar equipa Denmark121512372011312
        19Scotland selecionar equipa Scotland10147764101312
        19Northern Ireland selecionar equipa Northern Ireland12148677001401
        [M=Minutes, G=Goals Scored, HG=Home Goals, AG=Away Goals, MPG=Minutes-per-goal, PG=, OG=Own Goals, GSP=, GS=Goals Conceded, W3=Wins by more than 3 goals.]

        [Stats calculated from: Group Stage]
        [Last updated: 2023-06-23 at 20:29]