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Defenders rejects rumours of disruptive behaviour

Cancelo: ''Lies were told''

2024/03/25 10:55

João Cancelo has branded Manchester City "ungrateful" and stated that the Citizens spread lies regarding his exit from the club. 

The Portugal international is currently on a season-long loan at Barcelona after a stint at Bayern Munich during the latter part of last season. Previously an integral part of Pep Guardiola's City squad, Cancelo's surprise departure to the Bundesliga in January 2023 fuelled stories regarding the player being a disruptive influence behind the scenes at the Etihad. 

However, the 29-year-old has rejected such rumours in an interview with Portuguese daily A Bola stating that he harboured no animosity towards the likes of Nathan Aké and Rico Lewis, who were competing with Cancelo for a starting berth at left-back. 

“Lies were told. I was never a bad companion for them and you can ask either Aké or Rico. I don’t have any superiority or inferiority complex towards them.

“I think Manchester City were a bit ungrateful to me when they said that because I was a very important player in the years I was there. I never failed in my commitment to the club, to the fans. I always gave everything.”

Cancelo signed for City back in 2019 for a fee of £60m from Juventus. He subsequently won successive Premier League titles in 2021 and 2022. 

During the same interview, Cancelo reiterated his commitment to City, which he felt was underlined on New Year’s Day in 2022 when he played in a game against Arsenal despite suffering facial injuries during an attack on his home just hours earlier.

He said: “I remember a time when I was robbed and attacked and the next day I was playing at the Emirates against Arsenal. These are things you don’t forget. I left my wife and daughter alone at home, terrified. People will only remember this because Mr Guardiola has much more strength than me when he says something, and I prefer to keep to myself.”

Jo鉶 Cancelo
NameJo鉶 Pedro Cavaco Cancelo
Born/Age1994-05-27(29 -yrs-old)
PositionDefender (Right Back) / Defender (Left Back)


Jogos Prepara玢o 2024 | Eslov閚ia x Portugal


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2024-03-25 11h59m by jwhiteheadbarnes
I have total respect for them and I wish them all the best at City.

Cancelo speaks the truth! City's lies and ungratefulness towards him are unacceptable. Glad he's setting the record straight.
2024-03-25 11h52m by a_12_shawcross
I believe in my qualities and I respect my teammates, he said

As a football fan, I am disappointed to hear about the lies and rumours surrounding Jo鉶 Cancelo's departure from Manchester City. It's a shame that the club would spread such ungratefulness towards a talented player like him. Cancelo has proven himself at Bayern Munich and now at Barcelona, and it's clear that he harbours no ill will towards his former teammates at City.
2024-03-25 11h35m by eedwards
I just want to play football and I didn’t feel valued at City. &q

Wow, Cancelo seems to have some strong feelings about his time at Manchester City. It's never easy to leave a club, especially when you feel like you weren't appreciated. Hopefully he can find success at Barcelona and prove City wrong.
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