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      The divisional changes of all of the 92...

      The promotions & relegations in the EFL

      2024/03/25 15:35

      The final international break of the season is coming to an end and we are gearing up to head into the 2023/24 ‘run-in’ with promotion and relegation on the line up and down the leagues. 

      There are plenty of clubs that have become used to being in the position where they are heading into April in danger of dropping a division or striving to push towards the level above with seven or eight games to go in the EFL and ten to go in the Premier League.

      With that in mind, this is a look at the teams that have had the most ‘divisional changes’ throughout their history, taking into account promotions and relegations at all levels…



      There are four teams that have managed 30 or more divisional changes throughout their history; Grimsby Town and Notts County have shifted up and down the pyramids 31 times, whilst Bolton Wanderers and Doncaster Rovers have done so on 30 occasions. This season, Grimsby could very much get relegated from League Two this season and that would be their 32nd change, whilst Wanderers' potential promotion from League One would be their 31st divisional change.


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      2024-03-25 17h00m by ocollinsworth
      As a football fan, it's always exciting to see teams battle it out for promotion or fight to avoid relegation in these final stages of the season. But for these four teams, it's been a constant cycle of ups and downs. It's impressive to see their resilience and determination to keep fighting for success, no matter what division they find themselves in. Whether they're facing promotion or fighting the threat of relegation, these teams always give it their all.

      In the end, it's
      2024-03-25 16h43m by jgibsonson
      As a football fan, I have to say this is quite a disappointment. It shows inconsistency and lack of stability within these clubs. It must be frustrating for the fans to constantly have to go through promotion and relegation battles every season. These clubs need to find a way to establish themselves in a certain division and work towards success instead of constant change.
      2024-03-25 16h10m by mfosterfield
      Wow, what an intense season it has been so far! With only a few games left, the pressure is definitely on for these teams. I can't even imagine the rollercoaster of emotions their fans must be going through right now. Good luck to all the clubs fighting for promotion and staying in their league!


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