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      Al Hilal crowned champions in Saudi Arabia

      2024/05/11 19:27

      Al-Hilal secured the Saudi League title with a commanding 4-1 victory over Al-Hazem at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh on Saturday.

      Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's Al-Nassr delaying their celebrations on Thrusday, Al-Hilal knew that a win or draw against Al-Hazem would be sufficient to clinch the championship.

      Former Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic stole the show with a brace, supported by contributions from Milinkovic-Savic and an own goal, sealing the title for his team.

      This title caps off an impressive season for Al-Hilal, who have remained unbeaten in 31 league matches and now boast a record 19 Saudi Pro League titles.

      Despite the setback of Neymar's ACL injury in October, which ruled him out for the season, the team showed its depth with other amazing players including former Premier League talents Mitrovic, Ruben Neves, and Kalidou Koulibaly.

      AL HILAL


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      2024-05-11 21h21m by l_10_brownfield
      Congratulations to Al-Hilal on winning the Saudi League title! What a dominant performance from the team, especially with Mitrovic leading the way with his brace. This season has truly been impressive, remaining unbeaten in 31 matches and claiming 19 league titles. So proud to be a fan!
      2024-05-11 20h41m by mfosterfield
      As an Al-Hilal fan, I am incredibly proud and excited to see my team secure another league title. The anticipation leading up to this match was nerve-wracking, but the boys delivered on the pitch and secured the win. Mitrovic's performance was outstanding and the entire team showed their strength and depth throughout the season. Here's to many more titles to come!
      2024-05-11 20h26m by lhalliday_bart
      Wow, what a dominant performance by Al-Hilal! Congratulations on securing the league title with that convincing 4-1 win over Al-Hazem. Mitrovic was on fire with those two goals, and the whole team has been unstoppable with 31 unbeaten matches. We truly are the champions!
      2024-05-11 20h04m by ocollinsworth
      As a fan of Al-Hilal, I am beyond ecstatic to see my team secure yet another league title! What a dominating performance from our boys, especially Mitrovic with his amazing brace. And let's not forget the contributions from Milinkovic-Savic and that crucial own goal. This just goes to show the strength and depth of our team, even without star player Neymar. 31 unbeaten league matches is also an incredible achievement.
      2024-05-11 19h58m by gkingsley
      As a football fan, I am extremely proud of Al-Hilal for winning the Saudi League title. They have been unbeaten in 31 league matches and have proven themselves to be the best team in the league. Huge congratulations to Mitrovic for his fantastic performance and to the rest of the team for their contributions. Despite setbacks like Neymar's injury, Al-Hilal showed their strength and depth with players like Mitrovic, Neves, and Koulibaly. Proud to
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      Aleksandar Mitrovic 15' (pen.) 45'
      Milinkovic-Savic 45'
      Faïz Selemani 34'
      Ahmed Al-Juwaid 39' (o.g.)


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