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Solihull beat Bees to reach Wembley

2024/04/27 20:02

Solihull Moors threw the form book out of the window to beat National League runners-up Barnet 4-0 and book their place in the fifth tier's play-off final at Wembley. 

Moors defender James Clarke headed Andy Whing’s side into an early lead at the Hive before forward Jack Stevens’ low drive doubled the underdogs' lead 20 minutes later.

Although Barnet finished 10 points above Moors during the regular campaign, their hopes of League Two football next season were extinguished just after the hour mark when Solihull striker Tahvon Campbell finished a loose ball in the box.

Joe Sbarra then toed home on the stroke of full-time to book his side's place in the play-off final at Wembley on May 5. 

Solihull will now wait to find out their opponents in the play-off decider: Bromley and Altrincham facing off on Sunday to resolve the question of who faces The Moors. 


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2024-04-27 21h09m by jreedmanbrst
As a fan of the winning team, I am absolutely buzzing after that performance! The Moors really showed their true potential and proved that anything is possible in the playoffs. Can't wait for the final at Wembley.
2024-04-27 20h48m by jgibsonson
Wow, what a game! Solihull Moors completely dominated Barnet to secure their spot in the play-off final at Wembley. Despite being the underdogs, we showed our true form and came out on top. Proud to be a fan of this team!
2024-04-27 20h29m by nlawson12
As a passionate fan of Barnet F. C, I am extremely disappointed with the result of this match. We were the clear favorites and to lose 4-0 to Solihull Moors is unacceptable. The lack of urgency and determination from our team is concerning. We need to regroup and come back stronger next season.
2024-04-27 20h17m by dnelsons
Wow, what a game for Solihull Moors! A 4-0 win over Barnet to secure their place in the fifth tier's play-off final at Wembley. The form book was definitely thrown out the window today. Great job by James Clarke and Jack Stevens for getting the early goals and Tahvon Campbell and Joe Sbarra for sealing the victory. Can't wait to see who we face in the final! Up the Moors!
classic matches
U Saturday, 27 April 2024 - 17:30
The Hive Stadium
James Clarke 6'
Jack Stevens 27'
Tahvon Campbell 61'
Joe Sbarra 89'


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